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Won my 3rd bull fighting tournament.

Quick update on my world. I got a new job with good pay, but long hours. I will try to keep the site updated more often

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Planet Burn
Check out this fucking awesome idea for a new game. A friend of mine who is almost done with his graduates is working on this, Click here for awesomeness The concept is awesome. The whole idea of this is just..awesome. I want to play thissssss - spread the word. Help get this team into the stages of Alpha.

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Video of the Month

This also awesome video I have uploaded, and is gaining very good coverage on twitter and google+ is a discussion between the two top minds of our generation. Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins. You will not be displeased.

Images of the Month

Funny Images Of the Month

Carl Walking Dead Door Fail?

Train blocked by tired looking cat
br /> Tech Support Guy - Sound Familiar?
br /> trust this printer?

it goes 20mph

my weed, fuck!

Breaking News

  • Obama in talks to increase the ovetime pay requirements from $400 a week to possibly $900 for salary employees! I need this one. Just go up to $800 so I can get ovetime on the 30 extra hours I put in at work
  • Russian and the Ukraine going to war? There are apparent "talks" going on, but I think we will see this end in blood!
  • CNN) -- Six people died after an argument between two vendors led to a stabbing spree at a market in Hunan province in central China on Friday morning, local police told CNN. The incident took place in Changsha city, the capital of the province. One of the dead included a suspect in the attacks, police said. According to an official statement from the city's police department, at round 10.15 a.m. local time, two vendors got into a fight after a quarrel inside the Shahuqiao wet market in the Wujialing neighborhood of Kaifu District in Changsha City. One person was hacked to death. The fleeing perpetrator then stabbed at four innocent bystanders, two of whom died on the scene. Police quickly responded and killed the perpetrator upon arrival at the scene. The two injured bystanders were sent to hospital but later died.