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9/20/2014 - After 1 year at my new job I am finally taking vacation! A whole 9 days off.

Job hours have increased and I am doing my best to keep the site up to date
7-24-2014 - Getting job promotion at work with a 800 square foot office to fill my IT heart to its desire! Lucky me

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Video of the Month

This video was one of the first videos I posted that gained a lot of attention. It is a funny video of a young girl, neatly dressed for sunday school, singing songs over a webcam. Can you say next superstar? Very funny so be sure to share and +1 site and video.

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funny kid

hot girl with monkey

ketchup bot will rune one day

mount fuji from above

Which is larger?

Why santa is big each year

trust this printer?

it goes 20mph

my weed, fuck!

Breaking News

  • Oculus Execs Believe Controllers Are The Missing Link In Virtual Reality - http://techcrunch.com - When you put a child in virtual reality, they instinctively raise their hands hoping to see them, says Oculus CTO John Carmack. Yet Oculus doesn’t have its own gloves or handheld controllers, despite rumors amongst the VR community that Oculus would reveal a controller today at its Oculus Connect conference. Carmack concluded “The missing link in VR is controllers”. But considering ‘The Future Of VR’ panel with the Oculus execs started with the question of “where is the VR controller?”, it seems clear the company will move to build or support handheld input devices. In fact, early today during their demo of the new Oculus Crescent Bay headset prototype as source told an Oculus employee they wished there was a controller, and the employee responded “it’s coming.” Yet currently, Carmack says that people want to see their hands in virtual reality, “and we’ve got nothing there right now”. What that will look like is still coming together, though. Carmack, the famed technologist from Quake-marker id Software, said that “Controllers is such a factious and contentious issue that it’s not going to be clear when someone wins.” Oculus’ 22-year old founder Palmer Luckey said that “There’s no clear path towards what is best [for controllers]. People haven’t identified the problems.”
  • Scientists closer to seeing a vast, invisible universe - CNN.com - Take a look around you, and in your mind's eye, randomly wipe out all but a small fraction of what you can see. Pretend the vast rest of reality is there but invisible. You'd probably like a device that helps you see much more of it. Scientists working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have made some progress in that direction with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), which has been riding aboard the International Space Station since 2011. Physicists believe that mental exercise in blindness reflects the reality of our universe, only about 4% of which manifests as the kind of matter and energy we can perceive. More than 70% consists of so-called dark energy, physicists say, and more than 20% is dark matter, neither of which humans can directly detect so far. But scientists feel certain it must exist, partly because of the gravity it exerts on the visible universe. This week, CERN scientists published an analysis of data from the AMS, which detects subatomic particles constantly bombarding Earth. They include exceedingly rare antimatter particles that can result from the breakdown of dark matter.